Hot foil stamping attachment with heating plate for hand platen

The hot foil stamping attachment is designed as an add-on for a die-cutting platen. It enables hot foil finishes to be applied on the platen with all common thermal transfer foils.
The system consists of the following components:
• Foil feed – optimised in line with cliché size and spacing
• Foil unwind
• Heating plate/stamping tool – 6 separately controllable heating zones
• Control unit/switch cabinet
• Safety guards conforming to all relevant safety standards

The control is touch-screen operated.

The hot foil stamping attachment comes as a package complete with mounting frame and safety components. We also offer a range of mounting packages tailor-made to suit your requirements. All you need to do is ask!


Here you can see the heating plate with step motor for foil feed and touch-screen controls. Foil feed is initiated with a sensor (included). The heating plate is a redesign of a standard chase.