FolAXIAL 850

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You offer cold or hot foil finishing and want to become more flexible, react more quickly to customer enquiries and make your operations more efficient? FolAXIAL 850 is the only device of its kind on the market which gives you to the possibility to cut the actually needed foil lengths and widths off a stock roll.

Hot and cold foil rolls with a diameter of up to 340 mm and a width of up to 850 mm (on 1” or 3” cores) can be processed and rewound to process cores.


Foil web having the total width of all required foils is unwound from the stock roll and cut to the desired length. During the same winding operation, which takes about 15 minutes, the web is cut lengthwise, so that you get for example eight foil rolls of the needed width and length as a result. Foil which is not needed for the actual job remains on the stock roll and is available for later usage.

FolAXIAL 850 features two cutting units:

The entire stock roll is cut to the required total length and width by the first cutting unit. A knife which is set at an angle detaches the uppermost layer from the roll. At the same time, web speed is measured and the unwound web length is calculated.

The second cutting unit has a number of knives and serves to cut the entire web precisely into the desired individual widths and to rewind the tailored web onto new winding cores. The cut-to-size rolls can be taken out of the winders easily and are instantly ready for use.

The machine ensures consistent web tension and thus excellent winding quality. FolAXIAL 850 allows you to process stock rolls, rewinding from 3” to 1” or 3” cores and ensures quick provision of tailored hot and cold foils.


The stock roll is loaded from atop into a drawer, which can be inserted into the machine easily.

The ready foil rolls are simply taken off from the take-up winder shaft, which can be turned out for this. The machine is operated from one side, so that the FolAXIAL 850 does not require much space and can be adapted easily to your needs.


 Dimensions and weights
 1450 x 803 x 1870 / ca. 800 kg
 Maximum winding speed  200m / min
 Maximum roll size  340 mm Durchmesser, 850 mm Länge
 Foil roll core diameter
 1" / 3"
 Power connection
200 V / 500 W