FokusAXIAL H106

This positioning system for stamping clichés and dies on tool mounting plates serves to speed up the set-up process while maintaining highest register accuracy for

  • Hot foil stamping
  • Hologram stamping
  • Die cutting
  • Cold embossing

FokusAXIAL H106 is ideally suited for heavy mounting plates, which are lifted onto the cliché positioning system with the help of a crane.

The system detects the actual position of the dies and clichés to be set up with the help of a high-resolution camera and compares it with the reference position in the digital master copy, so that the tools can be positioned swiftly and exactly.


The FokusAXIAL H106 is ideally suited for heavy mounting plates for sheet sizes up to 1060 mm x 740 mm.

The system has been successfully so far for the following dies: – Bobst 76/105 – Baoder – Varimatrix Honeycomb – ART Tiegel – Steuer RF90 (Wabenfundament) – Gietz

The positioning device comprises two mechanically isolated systems. First, there is the measuring system for positioning the tools, and secondly, there is a lift table which provides secure support for the plate on the measuring table.

The mounting plate can be set vertically onto the lift table with the help of a crane and lowered cautiously into a horizontal position held by mechanical stoppers. Roller balls which are integrated into the lift table facilitate manual movement of the plate. While the table is lowered, the plate is aligned precisely with the measuring system and fixed in that position.
This guarantees subsequent cliché positioning at highest register accuracy.


The FokusAxial H106 has a modular design, thus facilitating optimal adaptation to the situation in your company. The device can be operated from the left or right hand side as you choose. It is possible to process plates for smaller sheet sizes.

The device optionally features a camera protection kit, which means that the camera is returned to a safe parking position while the plate is manipulated.


Dimensions and weights                          
 1700 x 1450 x 1800 mm/ ca. 300 kg
Maximum sheet size
 1060 x 740 mm
Resolution of the camera system
 2048 x 1536 px
Camera image size
 101 x 76 mm
Touch screen Elo 2239 22"
Power connection
 200V/ 500W